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5 Movies On Netflix Based on 1960's TV Shows - Netflix NZ

Remakes are a concept that has proven to be very successful in Hollywood, and it’s a trend that shows no signs of stopping or slowing. Almost every popular film and television franchise has been remade into an even more successful modern day film. While some have been made as period pieces as homages to the original era of the source material, others have been more of a modernized reboot for a new generation. 2015 sees the release of one such film remade from a popular 1960’s TV Series, ‘The Man From U.N.C.L.E.’ starring Henry Cavil (‘Man Of Steel’) and Armie Hammer (‘The Lone Ranger’). The film is directed by British director Guy Ritchie, known for his highly stylized and action packed films such as ‘Sherlock Holmes’. The original ‘The Man From U.N.CL.E.’ was a TV Series from 1960’s, and is not the only TV Series from the decade to be adapted into a successful movie adaptation. Here are 5 Movies Based on Popular 1960’s TV Shows.

Speed Racer

Speed Racer Netflix

Originally running as an animated Japanese TV Show, ‘Speed Racer’ gained a lot of popularity in the West when it debuted on American Television in 1967. The show featured the adventures of a young boy in his continuing quest to be the fastest racecar driver ever, with the help of family and friends and customized cars. While the show already had initial Americanization through the characters’ appearance and attitudes, based on the writers’ interest in America itself, the show can also be credited as one of the very first Japanese anime shows debuting on American television.

‘Speed Racer’ was adapted into a major motion picture by the creators of the ‘Matrix Trilogy’, the Wachowskis Siblings, who also recently debuted their first original Netflix series ‘Sense8’. The movie featured a spectacular cast and brilliant one of a kind visual effects that garnered much praise, almost overshadowing the other aspects of the film. In development since 1992, for years the ‘Speed Racer’ live action adaptation saw a revolving door of stars attached to the project; everyone from Johnny Depp to Vince Vaughn was at one time or another committed to the film. The inclusion of writer and director duo the Wachowski Siblings gave new life to the project. Their innovation also saw the film be shot entirely in green screen, providing a unique and never before seen experience for filmgoers. Though initially heavily criticized, the movie is now considered to be a cult hit, and one of the more underrated films of the time.

Lost In Space A Sci-Fi family adventure that was ‘Lost In Space’, premiered in 1965 and was such a huge success that the network airing it passed on, what would become one of the most iconic TV series of all time, also included in this list. ‘Lost In Space’ was the story of a family travelling through space, inadvertently lost, and having to find their way back home, while experiencing many sci-fi and fantasy adventures along the way. It was the kind of campy and cheerful fun that could be enjoyed by the whole family. The series was remade into a 1998 movie featuring an all star cast, that failed to re-capture the essence of the series, however, created its own original story with nuances on the series. Starring William Hurt, (‘The Incredible Hulk’) Matt LeBlanc (‘Friends’) and Heather Graham, (‘The Hangover’) ‘Lost In Space’ the movie boasted of upgraded special effects and a more intricate story than the fun filled Series. The movie was able to use certain episodes of the series to create a more dramatic story with better action and a more character driven plot. The remake also featured cameo appearance by the original cast of the TV Series.

Get Smart
Meant as a parody of the super slick action spy genres of the time, ‘Get Smart’ was a series created by Mel Brooks that pioneered the bumbling action hero concept that has since become a mainstay for comedies. Featuring a spy who was less than perfect, the comedy series saw the antics of agents of a secret spy organization with the lead being a hapless agent whose clumsy nature got him into most of the conflict that the story had to resolve. Remade in 2008 with an actor who had, till then, made his career playing exactly those types of roles, the film version of ‘Get Smart’ starred Steve Carrell in the leading role. Other stars such as Anne Hathaway, Alan Arkin and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson rounded out the supporting cast. The film managed to retain the slapstick aspects of the show, as well as the spy-elements of the 1960’s TV show, while updating the plot and story elements into the modern day. The movie was very successful and had has a sequel in development since then, the most recent update being in 2014, where Carrell was said to be writing a new script for it.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol One of the more successful remakes on this list has to be the entire ‘Mission: Impossible’ franchise which has been boasting of a run from 1996 till present day, with the most recent film of the franchise released earlier in July 2015. The franchise is a remake of yet another espionage thriller from 1966 created and produced by Bruce Geller. ‘Mission Impossible’ was a drama, in comparison to the more fun and campy shows found on this list, and the remake reflects that adequately. Starring a-list action star Tom Cruise, the first ‘Mission Impossible’ film released in 1996 received a mild reception, while staying true to many elements of the remake, but tweaking the story to suit a more modern storytelling style. The film was a fast paced spy thriller that moved at a breathtakingly and brought more cerebral elements of the spy genre into contemporary cinema, in comparison to the more action orientated sequences found in Bond films at the time. The franchise has since been building on its own innovations and has transformed into a more general action adventure franchise since its conception.

Star Trek The largest and most recognizable TV Series on this list has to be the cult hit ‘Star Trek’, which, since it’s original run in the 1966 has spawned decades of spin-off shows, movies, games, novelizations and fan fiction. While most of the ‘Star Trek’ franchise on television and film has been a continuation of the stories set up by the original TV Series starring William Shatner and the late Leonard Nimoy, the entry on this list is director J. J. Abrams reboot of the franchise in the 2009 film starring Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto. Abrams had the daunting task of remaking a franchise that has been beloved for generations with a new story and a new cast in the roles made legendary by the original actors from the 1966 TV series. This was made possible by innovative writing of the story where Abrams , along with writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman are able to weave in the original concept of the series, with a time travel plot device that allowed them to rewrite the origins of the characters themselves. Unquestionably a success, ‘Star Trek’ proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that with the proper makers, an untouchable franchise could still be remade into a successful film that satisfies both die hard fans as well as draw in a new audience. From comic book adaptations to remake of other films, Hollywood has found inspiration in many different kinds of works of fiction to make into successful feature films. Many of these can be found on the streaming service Netflix.

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