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Netflix - The Audience’s First Choice Of Streaming Content - Netflix NZ

Remember when we had to get home at a certain time quickly from work or school to catch our favourite programs on television? Or that world premiere of a TV movie we missed on Sunday night? Well things have gotten better with Personal Video Recorders, where we can record our favourite shows ahead of time, so that we never miss a new episode. But what about when you forget to set the timer for that new show? Or your PVR runs out of memory and you miss the premiere and are left out of the conversation at the office the next day? Almost every progressive platform of viewing television has some form of drawbacks. With streaming digital media though, there is a lot more freedom for us than ever before.

Out of all the streaming services available out there, and there are a lot, Netflix is head and shoulders above them all. Not just because they are one of the first, or the one with the largest library of content, although that does help. But because Netflix is far superior than other streaming platforms for a variety of reasons, all of which make Netflix that much more amazing for us, the viewers. So let’s take a look at some of the reasons as to why we love Netflix and it’s our favourite way of streaming content to any kinds of screens we choose.
Exclusive Deals

The way Netflix is able to provide us with so much content, is because they directly deal with studios to sign deals that allow the latest movies or tv shows to quickly appear on the service, once they’re done airing in real time or out of theatres. What does that mean? Well that means that you can watch almost every Animated feature film that Warner Brothers releases of their comic book characters like ‘Batman: Year One’ or ‘Justice League: War’. You can even go back and view the classic TV Series of those animated shows like ‘Justice League: Unlimited’. These exclusive deals with certain production companies means that their content will appear quicker, and be more consistent on Netflix than other content providers.

New Releases

Netflix doesn’t just rest on its laurels of a bunch of content that they already have. And let’s be honest; that content is already much more TV and movies than any of us will ever finish in a lifetime. Hopefully. But that still isn’t enough for Netflix, as they continue to add the latest releases as they become available to the service. And with their focus on now creating original content, Netflix is the place to get the newest thing that everyone’s talking about, like their own ‘Jessica Jones’ series or ‘Master Of None’. These shows cannot be seen anywhere else as they are exclusive to Netflix.

Old Favourites

On top of new episodes, Netflix also features old favourites that may not be available anywhere else. These are shows that we’ve all loved and grown up on, but it’s incredibly unlikely that we will go out and spend hundreds of dollars on the boxed sets of multiple seasons of those same shows, even with the Black Friday deals. Well, with Netflix, we don’t need to. Netflix has, literally, millions of hours of old television shows at our disposal with the touch of a button. Also literally. Want to go back and rematch the cornerstone of what it means to be a Trekkie with the entire Series of ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’? You can! With the ‘X-Files’ being revived in 2016 for a miniseries after decades of their original airing, you can revisit the entire series on Netflix, with the same onetime monthly subscription, and get caught up before the new show.
Netflix Knows

Similar to how a group of friends may share recommendations with friends of similar tastes in movies and TV, Netflix has that covered too. The service has a very special algorithm, which allows Netflix to generate suggestions to you for what to watch next, based on the kind of genres and styles of material you have viewed before. So you watch an action adventure movie, and it will suggest similar toned films for your future viewing pleasure. It’s like having that group of friends, within your screen, who know your tastes and suggests more things to watch, even more accurately.


If you’re still hard pressed to find content that you want to watch on Netflix, the service now provides a brand new means of watching TV and movies. Netflix now lets you choose shows and movies by browsing categories that you prefer at that time. If it’s movie night with the family, you can scroll through the Family Movies section for something for everyone. Want to see things blow up? Then Action is your choice as Netflix short lists movies of that genre automatically for you, without any effort.


While TV Networks quibble over ratings and take mid season breaks in between our favourite shows, then release them in overpriced packaging months later, Netflix provides all the same benefits as live TV watching based on our schedule, very literally at our finger tips. It’s clear to see just why Netflix is the most superior content provider of all other streaming services, and why the audiences love it so.

About The Author Daniel Williams

Daniel Williams is a film fanatic and has been a Netflix member since it's launch in New Zealand in March 2015. Among his current favourites shows are BoJack Horseman, House of Cards and Narcos.

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