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How to Watch Netflix on an Apple Mac - Netflix NZ
Watch Netflix on Apple

Netflix is ‘the’ video streaming service. For people bored with cable TV and looking to ditch TV altogether, Netflix offers a viable alternative. If you have an Apple Mac, you can start watching content from Netflix on it in no time.

Step 1: What You Need
Previously, users required the Silverlight plug-in to watch Netflix on their Apple Macs. Netflix has launched its own AirPlay app which you have to download to your Mac to stream content from the service. You also need a fast internet connection to stream high-quality videos without lag.
If you don’t have a Netflix account already, sign up for one at

Step 2: Safari Requirements
You need the latest version of Apple’s home browser, Safari, to watch Netflix on your Apple Mac. Check for updates and make sure your browser is up to date.

Step 3: Launch Netflix
In Safari, launch the Netflix website using the address provided above. The website will require you to sign in on the home page. Use your email ID and password to log in. The features of Netflix will be available to you now. You can browse the content to get an idea of what to expect. You can select any title from the list of movies and TV shows on the website and start watching.

Step 4: Adjusting the Stream
Once the content starts streaming, you can adjust the resolution and quality of the video. You can also tweak the screen settings and even watch the video in full screen. Netflix generally offers subtitles in a number of languages and you can select any one you prefer. You might also have to adjust the display settings of your Mac to make the most of your viewing experience.

On Netflix, you can create a list of TV shows and movies you are interested in watching. You can also set up alerts.

About The Author Daniel Williams

Daniel Williams is a film fanatic and has been a Netflix member since it's launch in New Zealand in March 2015. Among his current favourites shows are BoJack Horseman, House of Cards and Narcos.